April 2023

29Apr14:30Stephanie Thiersch & Brigitta Muntendorf: Between dance and music: experimenting with transdisciplinary scores - a practiceIm Rahmen von: "form/RELAY/content – A Symposium on Artistic Material in Music and Dance"Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz

Über die Veranstaltung

Workshop, Studio 3

Stephanie Thiersch and Brigitta Muntendorf developed an artistic practice in which music and dance exist in a performative space that they create together. Both Thiersch and Muntendorf seek an intermedial way of working that contextualizes their respective arts and allows it to resonate socially. Thus, musical composition reaches into choreography, while the concerns of choreography co-conceive an audible dimension and a staging of music. In the workshop we will examine and experiment with scores of collaborative works.



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Samstag, 29. Apr 2023, 14:30 Uhr


Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz

Turmstrasse 3-5 50733 Köln